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Topwater Ambassador Program


Do you love weekends by the water, fishing with friends, boating till the sun goes down, or just drinking cool ones on the dock? Then you might be just the right person we are looking for!
Fill out the required information about yourself, and if approved, you will receive a link to purchase an ambassador package!

Then post those pics, and start earning FREE Topwater swag ASAP!!

About Topwater Ambassadors:

What is it?
Social media brand ambassadors (also known as micro-influencers or nano-influencers) are social media users who spread the word about a company/brand or its products by posting about them on social media and promoting them to their unique social audience. Topwater will follow the ambassadors though their tagging, and reward them for helping bring in sales to the company via free products, or social media exposure. Brand ambassador programs are becoming a huge part of the digital and social media marketing landscape as modern consumers are wanting to become more integral parts of recommending and promoting the brands they love.

Will I get Paid?
This is not a paid position! Brand ambassadors are rewarded with free product and more social media exposure. The more we see your post the more Topwater swag you earn!

Can I get a Discount Code to Share?
This is coming your way if you are tagging your Topwater post! Every month we will evaluate and send out codes to those who are posting the most.If the code is used enough we will set you up with an affiliate account.